Finish the Race; Know the Course


Finish the Race; Know the Course by Mark Schaufler.  Over 300 pages of youth ministry basics.  Practical for anyone who works with youth. 

Table of Contents

                   Foreword and Forewarned                           
Chapter 1        The First Aid Kit and Common Ailments        
Chapter 2        Keeping Yourself in the Race                           
Chapter 3        Students-What are they anyway?                 
Chapter 4        Creating a Climate for Change                       
Chapter 5        Training for the Real Race                                99
Chapter 6        Assistant Coaches and Trainers                      
Chapter 7        Parents                                                                
Chapter 8        Training in the Classroom                          
Chapter 9        Training Through Preaching               
Chapter 10      Training Through Events                                
Chapter 11      Training Through Retreats                             
Chapter 12      Training Through Small Groups                   
Chapter 13      Training Through Ministry Teams                  
Chapter 14      The Gifts and Godliness                                
Chapter 15      New Runners, Converts, and Follow Up        
Chapter 16      Calendar for a Successful Season            
Chapter 17      Communication is Coordination                    
Chapter 18      Financing the Race                                       
Chapter 19      Painting your Grandstand                       
Chapter 20      Youth Ministry Checkup Checklist             
Chapter 21      Community Involvement                             
Chapter 22      Youth Ministry Scenarios, a Safe Test           
                        Scripture Index